Warning: Getty Images is on a Warpath to recoup money from bloggers who “steal” images. What you need to know.

Dear Financial Blogger,

Imagine getting a letter from Getty Images (the parent company of iStock Photo) demanding hundreds of dollars because they claim that an image on your website or blog was illegally acquired. You may have gotten it from Flickr. They don’t care. Pay up. You may have gotten it from Google. They don’t care. Pay up. You may have gotten it from “someone.” They don’t care. Pay up.

If it’s hard to imagine, start imagining because it’s happening to bloggers all across the nation.

I know it can be incredibly frustrating to find the right photo for the right article at the right price. When I was designing websites back in 2001, I had trouble finding images that were legal and affordable. Blogs were just emerging and many people like me needed good, affordable and legal images.

And then in 2002 iStock came to me with $1 Images. This was the answer I was looking for. Although the stock images weren’t very good, they were still only one dollar.

This was great for me and my clients because we could have engaging websites that turned a profit because we could decorate the site with affordable images…but then the good times ended in 2006 when Getty Images took over, and now those images are at minimum $12 dollars, and many are $33 and up.


It’s frustrating to find good quality images that are affordable


Often times you would see a really great image on Google, and you want to use it, but in the back of your mind you know it’s NOT entirely legal to use that image, so you use it hoping that the “image police” won’t come after you.  For the longest time that wasn’t much of a fear, but the stories I hear about Getty Images is frightening.

“I removed the image and paid a ridiculous fee.”

This is the common refrain on many, many blogs regarding the threatening Getty Images letter. Getty is ruthless in their pursuit to recover money.

And you hear stories about how bloggers and other website owners are getting “nasty-grams” from Getty Images and other big name stock photo agencies. This is no fun.

Getty Images is on a Warpath to Get Money From Bloggers Just Like You

One day, out of the blue, I got a warning letter from Getty Images, ordering me to compensate some unheard-of photographer with tens of thousands of dollars.”

With so much money at stake, Getty Images (the parent company of iStock Photo) is taking these matters very seriously.

International Business Times website says,
“Rather than simply ask Web publishers to take down its images, the company [Getty Images] informs alleged copyright infringers, in no uncertain terms, they are now required to pay a licensing fee for the image or images used — sometimes to the tune of several hundred to thousands of dollars.”

People are really getting freaked out over this copyright business and one commenter on a blog put it:

“This is very scary stuff and has the potential to do some real harm to small businesses.”

Or Alfred’s comment:

“You are going to pay for it in the end…one way or another.”

Getty Images was asking for $1,400, and his lawyer was asking for $700 just for one image!

Take the story of [name redacted] who was contacted by Getty Images for using a “rights-managed” image [basically you’re renting the image from the provider] on his blog. Getty Images was asking for $1,400 for the image. He contacted his lawyer who told him it would be $700 minimum in lawyer’s fees to fight the letter. The fine was paid and the blogger learned his lesson to not use “rights-managed” images, but instead now uses “royalty-free” images—even “royalty-images” are suspect.

One peer blogger had this to say,

“A good friend of mine was faced with the issue for roughly $1000.00 for an image of a welcome mat.  This same image could be bought for $18 on a different website, but now Getty Images is stating that “the damage has been done” and the settlement is your only chance to avoid a copyright lawsuit.”

Don’t let this happen to you.

I Should Have Known Better – My $650 Embarrassment

These stories are hauntingly familiar to me because I personally had gotten slapped by Getty Images and had to fork over $650. It wasn’t fun and—as they say, “it wasn’t my fault.”

I had hired a Flash animator—remember Flash animations?—to create a Flash animation for my client’s website. I used a foreign vendor from Elance—a freelancer hiring website. The image I got busted for was a golf ball spinning around in an animation—hardly noticeable. The freelancer used a “rights-managed” image from Getty Images, and I was stuck holding the bag.

My client got the initial letter, and he wasn’t happy at all and let me know it. I was embarrassed, I felt foolish, and I let my client down. If it hadn’t been a full 3 years after the development of his website, I think my client would have thought I was a real shyster and would have bad mouthed me all over town—all because of an image that wasn’t properly purchased through legal means.

After this incident, I really thought my reputation was on the line. If word got out—and surely it would have if I didn’t take immediate action—I would have really lost a lot of business. Times were really tough—remember that wonderful crash of 2008?—and finding new clients wasn’t easy.

I never wanted to be in that position again, so I never hired another CHEAP freelancer on Upwork, Fiverr, Elance or anywhere else. I learned what happens when you deal with cheap foreign vendors who live in a country with no regard to law and other people’s property.

The whole experience one I would like to forget.

HubSpot says, “Copyright law on the internet is a total train wreck right now.”

The big companies like iStock and Getty Images are coming down hard on those who have illegal images on their websites. If you obtain images illegally, you could be asking for a lot of trouble.

It’s ironic that iStock built its business on the backs of bloggers, and now it’s parent company is threatening to sue everyone. As a provider of images on iStock, I don’t like this practice, and I am making the decision to sell my images here on this site as a personal protest to such matters.

“I no longer use creative common photography from Flickr anymore…”  –commenter on a blog post about Getty Images’ threatening letters.

Finding totally legal images on Google is a headache and the selection is dismal. Try this: Next time you find a set of images on Google that you like, click on the Usage rights tool and see what kind of images you get to choose from after applying that filter. Not very many.

Don’t be put into this situation. Get your legal images for your financial blog now.

Don’t get slapped with the “settlement demand letters” as they are commonly known.  Unlike normal copy infringement or libel letters where the defendant is asked to cease-and-desist, these letters are demanding real money here and now.

The response from many bloggers is simply to not use any images on their sites. This is not the way to go about it. Images are important to the digestibility of your content. Without images there is no engagement.

You NEED images on your blog to get eyeballs on your site.

Blog Tyrant says, “The sad fact is that no matter how good your written content is, if you don’t display it well you will lose readers.”

Too many financial blogger use inappropriate images because they “use what they can get” instead of using the right image for the right message.

For a Limited Time Only, WallStreet Graphics in conjunction with AUDINDesign is offering you 50 High Quality, High Resolution Stock Market Images for just $39.95.


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The secret to getting more eyeballs on your blog or website is plain and simple: Use images, lots of them and high quality images.

High quality means two things:

  1. An image that appeals to people and fosters the sale of products, ideas, services and other content.
  2. Has good picture quality meaning that it is at the right resolution for your audience.

Having the right dimensions is very important. We are accustomed to seeing things in landscape mode meaning that the width is longer than the height. These images in this collection meet that requirement. They satisfy the aspect ratio that is mostly appealing to people’s attention. Not all images are like that. Many images on stock photo sites have just square images. These wont’ work.

On Twitter, it has been shown that a photo gets nearly twice as more retweets than a simple quote or Hashtag.

Orbit Media Studios says that photos are “second only to a great headline.”

And Social Bakers, a popular social media resource, says that posts on Facebook get shared much more than just a standard text.

They say, “Photos still get most of the action. In fact, photo based posts get shared 87% versus 4% for a link, and even 2% for a status update.”

A Famous Twitter blogger with over 16,000 followers once remarked, “A blog without an image is like a postcard without a stamp,” and he went onto describe that a post without an image has very little chance of going viral.

Going viral is like a ten bagger or a 100 bagger. If you have zero chance of going viral, why bother being in the market at all?

If you’re using images infrequently or not at all, your blog is going to suffer greatly. You may have had an excuse not to jump on this opportunity that I am offering to you right here and now, but now is the time to get the full Top 50 Best Selling Stock Market Image Collection, so you can just pop them in when you need them. It’s the only way for your blog to get any traction.

Images also help people retain the information you are writing about. You do want people to remember your blog post, right? So you can have them relate it to their friends at the water cooler or come back for more. Studies have shown that images are more memorable by up to 55%.


The old saying, “A Picture is Worth Thousand Words” didn’t just come out of thin air. This collection has all the right images because it was developed for bloggers, writers and artists just like you.

This image collection one you should not be without

You could pay $12 for ONE stock photo relating to the stock market, but as part of this exclusive collection, a single photo for the stock market is less than $1. That’s right. Less than ONE DOLLAR.

This Top 50 Best Selling Stock Market Image Collection is YOURS for just $39.95. That’s fifty images for less than forty dollars, so each image comes to about 80 cents, but it even gets better. Read on.

You’ll never have to hunt for the perfect stock market image again for your financial blog with this Top 50 Best Selling Stock Market Image Collection.

To get all the images in this collection, you would normally have to pay a minimum $1,245 if you downloaded these separately from iStock or many other image stock agencies. And that’s just the low end of the spectrum. Some stock photo agencies charge a minimum of $45 for any photo above 4500 x 3500 pixels. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to figure what that would cost.

All of these images in this collection are a minimum of 4500 x 3500 pixels and many are much larger. This means you can easily use these high resolution images for:

  • Financial Book covers
  • Financial reports
  • Financial posters and brochures
  • Forex blogs
  • Financial Magazine
  • Backgrounds for photos
  • Financial Newsletters
  • Large format printing

This image collection is truly a special collection of financial images, and some of these images have been seen on high profile magazines and websites such as: Baron’s Special Report, CNBC, The Fiscal Times and many more.

With captivating images like these, people will stay on your site longer. And the longer they stay, the better your Google Rankings will be.

Many of these images aren’t on iStock or the other stock photo websites.

This is the ONLY place you can get all of these images.

Stunningly beautiful images.

  • Get the one image that has sold thousands of dollars on many stock image sites. The “Ticker-Blue-Stock-Market” image alone is worth over $2,500, but it’s yours for less than $1…at full resolution.
  • You like charts? This popular image—“Ticker-Board-Glow” has been purchased over one thousand times on Shutterstock and iStock with a total value of over $1,900, but you get this image for less than $1 as part of this incredible image collection.

These images in this Top 50 Best Selling Stock Market Image Collection have been used by thousands of bloggers with great success. Don’t miss out on the success you could be having on your blog or posted article by getting these images now before this offer ends.

These professionally created beautiful crisp, clean images are likely to:

  • Increase traffic to your blog or website through proper image labeling
  • Increase time spent on your site by engaging your visitors with high quality professional design
  • Make you look more professional and get the respect of your colleagues and other professionals
  • Increase likelihood of your post being shared and going viral

“And images are more likely to get shared than text” – DigitalTrends.com

What’s the best way to steer away from trouble? Download these images right away.

If these images are good enough to be seen on CNBC, Barron’s and countless other financial websites and blogs, then they’re good enough for every financial blogger—big or small—out there.

  • These images have been used on hundreds of headers.
  • If you’re writing a book, a DVD this image collection is for you.

This Top 50 Best Selling Stock Market Image Collection is Royalty-Free, so this means you can use these images any way you choose except sell them, give them away or use as part of package (see Extended Licensing at the bottom).

These images have been used for:

  • Financial Book Covers
  • Stock Trader Linked In Posts
  • Financial Blogs
  • Linked In Backgrounds

The sky’s the limit.

This collection is practically free. If you’re looking for free stock market images, don’t bother. You won’t find anything decent, and you might get into trouble. This collection is the real deal.

One supporter of copyrights agreed and said,

“Think twice before you believe anyone who tells you that you don’t have to pay to use something.”

This is true. There are lots of websites who are giving away Free Stock Photos and Free Wallpapers, but these are usually fraudulent websites. As they say, “buyer beware.”

And we didn’t save the best for last. This is it. This is the only collection we are selling, so you are getting the absolutely best of what we have to offer. You won’t hear from us again about getting BETTER IMAGES. These are the better images! This is the real deal.

This deal is so good, we’re kicking ourselves.

This really is a financial blogger’s dream come true. Many of these images having been downloaded thousands of times, but many have not—so you know the quality is top notch and that you will have unique images that haven’t been used already.

If you only used ten of the images in this collection, you would still be miles ahead in terms of return on investment. But I know you’ll love all of them because these 50 images have been distilled down from a high selling collection of over 476 images.

Need ideas? These images have been used on some great articles such as:

  • Collapsing Bond Yields and Secular Stagnation
  • Buying Individual Securities and Portfolio Management
  • What is Tax Exempt Financing?
  • Cash Floods Into Financial, Bank ETFs
  • New Market Factors: A Look At Fundamental Index Investing
  • What’s Really Driving the Stock Market’s Big Rebound Rally?
  • Why You Should Ignore the Stock Market Sell-Off
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average Down Today after Weak Jobs Report
  • The Stock Market: A Look at the Last 200 Years
  • European Equities Close Higher as Materials
  • Capital Markets – International Trade and Sanctions
  • Market Valuations and Expected Returns Jan. 2016
  • Banks Concerned About Bond Liquidity
  • Which Stocks Win and Lose with Rising Interest Rates?
  • How to Invest Your Money Like Warren Buffett
  • How Business.com Increased Subscriptions by 65% in 2015
  • Third Point buys stake in 3 new tech companies: Apple, Google, Cisco

These images in this collection are absolutely stunning, and each image is rendered in 3D to absolute perfection. You may only have an online blog, but having crisp, sharp images of any resolution will make your blog shine.

Listed below is just a fraction of the big name Financial Bloggers and Authors who’ve used these images for their attention-grabbing financial posts and articles:

  • Beth Braverman – The Fiscal Times
  • John Huber – Base Hit Investing
  • Rajeev Acharya – BQ Magazine
  • Rob Parker – Coin Buzz
  • Fool.com
  • Josh Smith— I Street Wire
  • Charlie Hefron – CWRU Observer
  • Wayne Duggan – Benzinga
  • TheAlertInvestor.com
  • Tom Lydon – ETF Trends
  • Stephen Mauzy – Wyatt Investment Research
  • TheStreet.com
  • Richard Crump – Liberty Street Economics
  • Evan Niu – Fool.com
  • Mike Meyer – Daily Pfennig
  • Shyam Gidumal – Forbes
  • AJ Agrawal – Inc.
  • Anthony Mirhaydari – The Fiscal Times
  • Michele McDonald – Travel Market Report
  • Shawn Riley – Business Advocate (McDonald Hopkins)
  • Garrick Hileman – Coin Desk
  • Ellen Harvey – Publishing Executive
  • Persephone Capital Partners
  • Laurie Dalton – The Capitalist
  • Paul Esajian – Fortune Builders
  • Greg Guenthner – Daily Reckoning
  • Marc Chandler – Mind on the Markets
  • Harry Dent – Economy
  • Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland

UPDATE: Like a good managed fund, this collection has been updated recently to give you the very best 50 images we have to offer. We took the weaker images and added in the new images that are really fantastic. In fact, these are really what you can call the Hidden Gems. You will one of the few who will have these images.

When you’re writing your articles, blog post or financial report, do you really want to go hunt down another financial image or do you just want to keep writing and stay in the flow?

Get these images now because the price won’t stay this low for long.

Last month, one of the images in this collection alone sold for $30.54 on Shutterstock, but you get this image for less than $1 as part of this special offer—created especially for financial bloggers like you. This image has generated over $2,405.53 in sales on Shutterstock alone, but you’re getting this as part of this incredible package.

That’s just one image of the 50 that have generated tens of thousands of dollars for me and my business. Why am I telling you this? Because these images really do appeal to your audience.

Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for?

Let others get nabbed by Getty Images; you don’t have to.

The images here are Copyright Free meaning that you won’t have to pay any royalties to me, my company or anyone else when you use them. The only thing you cannot do is give them away or sell them. They are yours to use on your blog, brochure, book or anything else you choose. Sound fair?

Take a look at some of the great images you’ll get in this incredible collection:

  • “Ticker-Blue-Stock-Market” recently sold for $90 on Shutterstock, but it’s yours for less than $1
  • “Blue-Grid-Stock-Ticker” recently sold for $96 on Shutterstock, but it’s yours for less than $1
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  • “Angled-Graph-Bars” recently sold for $30.00 on Shutterstock, but it’s yours for less than $1
  • “Curved-Stock-Ticker” recently sold for $67.81 on Shutterstock, but it’s yours in this collection for less than $1
  • “Blue-Stock-Market-Ticker-Board” earned over $234.33 in royalties on iStock, but it’s yours for less than $1

So if $39.95 for 50 High Quality Images sounds like a great deal for you, we would like to sweeten the deal because we just couldn’t resist.

Our Special Bonus:

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Why do you need high quality crisp images in your blog posts?

Because they grab attention. You only have 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention. A good sharp image will do just that. But it’s hard to find good quality images, at an affordable price and easy to download.

Facebook: These images really grab Facebook users. Most Facebook images are of poor quality and don’t really pop, but these images really scream. You’ll sure get more eyeballs, traffic and kudos from your fans on Facebook.

Pinterest: This is totally a visual medium. If you don’t have images, don’t even bother. Yet, financial bloggers and authors like you need the Pinterest audience, and the only way to get that is with visually stunning images. The reason why this collection is perfect for Pinterest is that many of the images go together so you can have a cohesive theme.

Twitter: Twitter is the medium of 140 characters or less, but now it is desperately trying to compete with Instagram, so having images on all your posts is critically important.

These Images are Ideal for: Financial bloggers… graphic designers… web designers… power point presentations… graphic artists… financial designers… financial copywriters… corporate identity and branding… business cards… design logos… stationary… labels… letterheads… name cards… signage… web… websites… WordPress… banner ads… icons… Facebook… Twitter… Blog… Bloggers… Illustrators… packaging… posters… books… book covers… flyers… postcards… and much, much more.

All of these images are meticulously 3D rendered in 3D Studio Max with post processing done in Photoshop. Rendering these images in 3D provide a sharpness that cannot be achieved through ordinary photography. Look at the header of this page, and you’ll see how these images really pop.

If you want your blog posts to pop, you need to get this collection right now without delay.

The images in The Top 50 Best Selling Stock Market Image Collection can be used for the following:

Web Design Services

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Identity & Branding

  • Logos
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Print Design Services

  • Flyers
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  • Mugs, Jugs and Clugs



These images have been used by hundreds and thousands of blogs, bloggers and financiers to represent these Financial Concepts:

Stock market… graph… Nasdaq… Dow Jones… forecast… earnings… capital… factor… investor… building… accounting… arrow… growth… firm… economy… bar… corporate… plan… benefit… bright… gain… interest… calculation… management… creative… illustration… connection… design… company… enterprise… progress… increase… figures… financial… communication… crash… low… chart… price… bad… risk… fall… global… debt… world… street… statistics… sales… decline… employment… map… failure… future… loss… business… sad… analyzing… technology… bankruptcy… currency… problem… recession… stop… trade… banking… crisis… globe… led… sign… screen… target… data… money… research… drop… sell… rate… success… diagram… value… percentage… finance… digital… report… computer… economic… number… monitor… decrease… blue… profit… background… investment… exchange… and much, much more!

Using abstract images like the ones in this collection are critical to representing concepts you are writing about in your posts and articles because they appeal to such a wide audience and they are so versatile.

Join some of the biggest names in the financial community.

These images have been found on these popular sites:

Fidelity…Investopia…The Alert Investor… Wyatt Investment Research… Liberty Street Economics…Forbes… The Fiscal Times… The Capitalist… Fortune Builders… Mind on the Markets… Economy…EFT Trends…Fat Wallet… Forex Time… Fox Business… Kiplinger… Venture Beat… Futures… Nadex… The Street… Internet Retailer… Insider Monkey… CBS News… Investment News… Money Management… Futures Mag… New York Post… Drug Store News… Trading Floor… Global Investor… and many, many more!


Highly Searched Common Concepts that people look for:

Stock Market Graph: Many images in this image collection cover this most searched concept.

Stock Market Crash: You’ll find many images that will represent this concept nicely. Unlike other images, there is no dated material, so the image will always stay relevant for years to come.

Stock Market Ticker: There are dozens of images that fall into this category, so no matter what kind of project you are creating you’ll find the right stock market ticker image. There are images that are light and dark, and many in between for that perfect mood.

Stock Market Numbers: Many financial authors and bloggers love images with lots of stock market symbols and stock market numbers; well, you won’t be disappointed in the amount and the range of images we have put together in this collection. These numbers are so abstract that you can use them in any article or blog post, and they’ll fit right in.

Stock Market Screen: We just added over a dozen new images that represent and simulate a stock market screen, and these images have been hot sellers recently.

Stock Market Chart: Our bestselling image is a standout stock market chart that you’ll be sure to love, and it goes well with just about any design or article you can think of. That’s why it’s such a hot seller because it really goes with everything. And it’s yours for less than a dollar in this 50 Images Collection. You really can’t be that.

Stock Market Data: If you need abstract data, this is the collection to get. It’s not just numbers but symbols and words that make up this data.

Why am I offering this great deal to you?

Good question and there are many, many answers

  1. Low royalties
  2. Theft
  3. Retiring my accounts

Stiff competition from low priced foreigners

1I’m getting low royalties on these images while YOU are paying through the nose from iStock, Shutterstock and all the other stock photo agencies.

iStock and others have seriously slashed the royalties that artists like myself are getting, while at the same time raising rates on people like you. Yup, they’re working it on both ends and making huge profits.

Hey, I’m not against making a profit and one of these days I may look into iStock (Getty Images) as a stock investment, but as an artist who has put in a lot of hard work, the gravy train has come to an end, so now I’ll be selling all of my images on my own and on my own terns, and offer the best deal to you that I possibly can. That’s a win-win for you and me.

Of all the stock photo agencies, iStock Photo is the most egregious. iStock Photo was originally designed for people like you and me. It was a place where photographers and artists can post extra images to earn a few extra bucks. It was a place for bloggers like you to purchase images for just $1 so you didn’t have to spend $250 at Corbis or Getty Images, or steal images from Google or other websites. It was a great solution, but unfortunately too great, because they got greedy. Now it’s hard to purchase a high quality image for less than $12.

Believe me, I’m not trying to compete with the Big Boys, but I am trying to cut out the middle man, so that’s why I’m offering this incredible 50 image collection to you at a great price. It really is a win-win for you and me. You get an incredible collection of images that you can keep on your hard drive at the ready for when you write your next article or blog post.


2Too Many People are stealing my images so I figured I would get some money from it

A lot of my images have been stolen from various websites, so I figured if I could offer a low-cost solution (the original concept of iStock) I would get more bloggers to legally acquire my images. It may be wishful thinking. I should really take this as a compliment (and not get bent out of shape) as to the popularity of my images, but at the end of the day, I’d like to make some money on my own terms. After all, it’s the American Way, right?


3 I’m retiring all my stock photo accounts because keeping up with the tax code is just too taxing.

Believe it or not, this is where you really benefit. I want to make this transaction straight forward and make things easy, even if I don’t make a lot of money. I want to offer you a simple downloadable solution at an incredible price, so I know that you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase.

While it may not cost me much to have my images set up with the stock photo agencies, dealing with my taxes gets to be a lot more taxing every year, and I’m earning less these days; it’s just not worth it. I’ve already shut down three accounts on three different stock photo sites and never looked back. Now is the time for you to get these images before I increase the price.

This collection is a culmination of many years of hard work, and now I want to give you these images for practically nothing because in the end, I have an easier time with my taxes and that’s worth a lot to me.

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Two Options to Choose From:

1. Royalty-Free License:

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For Facebook, Twitter (and all other social media) or an article, you only need the regular Royalty-Free License which is covered in the purchase option above.


Royalty-Free License Details:

You may use these images with the following restrictions:

  • You may NOT give these images away
  • You may NOT sell them
  • You may NOT claim you are the rights holder
  • You may NOT claim you are the originator of these images


Extended License Details:

Here are the general usage requirements for the Extended License:

  • Large print or outdoor advertising with circulation/viewership over 500,000
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  • Usage as decoration in an office or public space
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If you are creating a book cover, you would need an Extended License.

Many Extended Licenses on many popular stock image websites often charge more than $25 per image. This low price of $149 covers all the images in the collection and any other images sold on this website.


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  • Six images in all. Each one at a resolution of 3500 x 2626. That’s roughly 8.5” x 11” at 300 dpi. That’s some resolution!


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